In the fall of 2013, a large rebellion broke out in the Central African Republic (CAR). Over the next few months, tensions between Muslims and Christians were so great that the UN warned that the country was facing genocide. Nearly one million people were displaced. IFH received a plea for help. Four young women in CAR wanted to flee to Cameroon and start a new life. Would IFH help?

The four girls could not leave right away — chaos filled the streets, and people were hiding in their houses in fear. Eventually, two of the four girls took great risks and were able to leave the country, and they thankfully found a welcoming place to stay with some religious sisters living in Kumbo, Cameroon. Kumbo is a city of fewer than 100,000 people that is located in the North West Province of Cameroon (about 2000 meters above sea level). IFH is waiting patiently for the other girls to be able safely also to leave CAR.

The first student to be enrolled is Rachel, age 15. She began school in January 2014 at a bi-lingual Catholic school in Kumbo. She is very motivated in her stuPhoto5-Home Page (1)dies, especially in mathematics, and she is eager to become more proficient in English in order to take classes in English (and speak with the new friends she is meeting!). Rachel’s dream is someday to be the director of a school.

IFH has pledged to help these four young women with school expenses for at least one year, although hopefully IFH can help with school expenses until these four young women finish their secondary education.

“Rachel” is a substitute name. It is an IFH policy to use substitute names for children described in these pages out of respect for the children.

From Wikipedia: “On 18 February 2014 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the UN Security Council to immediately deploy 3,000 troops to the country [Central African Republic] to combat what he described as innocent civilians being deliberately targeted and murdered in large numbers. Noting the violent overthrow of the government in 2013, the collapse of state institutions and a descent into lawlessness and sectarian brutality, Ban said, ‘The situation in the country has been on the agenda of the Security Council for many years now. But today’s emergency is of another, more disturbing magnitude. It is a calamity with a strong claim on the conscience of humankind.'”

If you are interested in supporting the girls from CAR, please specify “Africa” on your donation!